When you join CICPB you gain access to our webinars and annual conference to support your professional development, regional meetings to connect with your peers, member tools & resources, and our certification pathway to CPB designation. As a member you gain exclusive access to member savings which can potentially cover the cost of your membership. 

All CPB Canada members (students exempt) also have access to the certification pathway to CPB designation. Getting your designation can take weeks, months, or years, depending on your level of knowledge and experience. The pathway is designed for bookkeepers by bookkeepers to fit the schedule of busy professionals.

Here’s how it works!

STEP 1 – Join CPB Canada. To gain access to the pathway to CPB designation you must first become a member

STEP 2 – Initiate the Certification Pathway. To get started on the pathway go to Get Certified

STEP 3 – Choose Your Level. Select the pathway level that best reflects your level of knowledge and years of experience and select “Get started!” We encourage members to download the Knowledge Expectations Checklist to assist with deciding on the best starting point.

STEP 4 – Complete the Application Form. To ensure you are entering the pathway at the right level, you must fill out an application form and include years of experience, letter(s) of reference that reflect that experience (templates are accessible by member-only), and proof of an accounting software certification.

What happens next?

STEP 5 – Complete the Entry Test. When your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive an email directing you to write your entry test (Apprentice & Technician levels) or schedule and pay for your exam (CPB level). A grade of 80% or higher is required to pass the entry test or exam. 

STEP 6 – Access Your Digital Credentials. Once you successfully attain your pathway-level with CPB Canada, members at the Apprentice, Technician and CPB level will be assigned their digital credential. Digital badges are a great way to showcase your knowledge and achievements, by allowing one-click verification of your status.

STEP 7 – Track Your Progress. To track your progress and professional development units, go to My Certification Progress. Here you can track and upload your CPD units, which is a requirement of the Apprentice, Technician, and CPB levels. Note, if you do not maintain your CPD unit requirements within a 12 month period, your CPB Canada credentials and digital badge will expire.

Ready to get started?