Certified Member

​A Certified Member is one who has successfully graduated by completing all requirements of the professional development program(More details: Get Certified). In addition, the member has demonstrated three years of full-time, full-function practical experience. The member can advertise as a full member of CICPB.

​Other requirement: In order to maintain certified member, members will need to submit minimum 20 hours PD each year.

Associate Member(Non-certified member)

​To become an Associate Member, you need to verify that you have obtained three years of full-time, full-function practical experience in Accounting. The personal who meet this requirement may be eligible for exemptions from certain courses. A pre-evaluation will determine the level of exemptions. As an Associate Member, you would need to complete any remaining academic courses and experience requirements to become Certified. The member can advertise as an Associate Member of CICPB.

​Junior Member(Non-certified member)

​A Junior Member is one who meets minimal academic requirements and/or has limited practical experience in Accounting. Completion of the academic and experience requirements is necessary to become Certified. The member can advertise as a Junior Member of CICPB.

Terminated Member

​Membership may be terminated voluntarily by a member or involuntarily by CICPB. A terminated Certified Bookkeeper must return the Diploma awarded upon graduation. Legally, the Diploma is the property of CICPB. Any further use of the designation, Certified Bookkeeper, in any manner or form would constitute a fraudulent action subject to legal remedies. A terminated individual can not advertise as a member of CICPB.